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Now that you’ve found the perfect house, it’s time to make an offer.

Making an offer may seem simple on the surface but there are actually many decisions that’ll be made. If you happen to be making an offer on an overpriced home, it can become even trickier.
One of the most important decisions that are made while making an offer is how much to offer for the house. No home buyer wants to pay more than they have to for a house, but it’s virtually impossible to know how little sellers are willing to take for their house.
There is a fine line between making a strong purchase offer and an insulting purchase offer, so being cautious is important when determining the price.
It’s recommended that as you’re determining how much to offer for a house, you lean heavily on your agent expertise. Ask your agent to perform a comparative market analysis (CMA) on the house, which is a comparison of recent sales in the area. This report can be a huge help while determining the price you’re going to offer.
The price a buyer decides to offer for a house is not the only decision that’ll be made while making an offer. There are many terms and deadlines that you’ll also include in your purchase offer:

1. What will the target closing date be?
2. How large of a deposit should you make?
3. What common real estate contingencies will you include? Inspections? Will you request the seller to provide permits?
4. Do you need to ask for seller concessions?
5. When will you receive a written mortgage commitment by?

The price that a buyer offers is obviously very important to a seller; however, the terms and deadlines can also make or break a deal.
It’s critical that as you’re making your offer that you fully understand 
what each section of the offer means.

When making an offer, this is another important stage of buying a house when you’ll want to lean on the expertise of your real estate agent.

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Martine Bonhoure

Martine specializes in all facets of Real Estate, from selling and buying existing properties to ground up new developments and home conversions.

Martine, a leader in the luxury and development market, has an extensive expertise of real estate sales along with an unsurpassed reputation for quality, results-oriented service and support.
Martine constantly stays on top of sophisticated technology which has allowed her to become a forerunner in making the marketing and selling of real estate a science.
Her talents and on-target recommendations are always based on facts and reliable market analysis, and on her vast knowledge of real estate and the market.
Patient yet persistent, she is also highly detail oriented and a very determined negotiator.

If you're looking for a positive, helpful partner who is ready to provide you with exceptional service, call her today!