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Have you been relocated by your Employer from a Foreign Country?

You have been recently transferred from your home country to the United States. You want to buy a home? But you have no credit score and all Lenders are denying you.... Don't worry we have a loan for you. First Tech is here for you! We have a loan for you!
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Corporate Relocation Program Highlights

  • Primary residence only
  • Combined loan to value up to 95%
  • Discounted rate and points from First Tech published rates which are already competitive
  • Low down payment options include: 80% (first mortgage) -10% (second loan) -10% ( Down) or 80%-15%-5%. No Mortgage Insurance required.
  • Maximum Debt to Income 45%
  • Minimum credit score of 640 with single home loan program.
  • Foreign National Friendly –Assigned credit score is 740, unless US credit score available.
  • Only 10% down needed for Foreign Nationals.
  • This is a conventional loan

Criteria for Eligibility in the Corporate Relocation Program

  • Confirmation by employer’s corporate relocation counselor of relocation benefits via phone or email.
  • Member must be reimbursed for some portion of the move expense.
  • Purchase of new home must be made within 12 months of start date in new location.
  • Purchase Agreement.
  • Commute from new home to old office must be 50 miles greater than the commute from old home to old office.
  • Must be a Full-Time Employee.
  • Spouse income: Evidence of new employment starting by close of escrow must be provided.

Low Down Payment Option- Only 3% down Payment

First Tech’s 97% LTV Loan Program can get you into a home with as little as 3% down!

  • Only 3% down payment required
  • Conventional Loan
  • Loans up to $417,000
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Owner occupied only
  • Maximum Debt to Income 43%

Experience the difference with First Tech Federal Credit union

Over a half-century ago, a few astute people at Hewlett-Packard and Tektronix had a vision to strengthen financial futures. They saw the potential of uniting human dedication and technological innovation for a greater good. That’s the heart of First Tech Federal Credit Union.

What their founders recognized many years ago still holds true today. People within technology-driven companies are wired differently. Their passion for innovation has revolutionized the world, and they’re making tomorrow’s dreams a reality today. They also have unique financial needs that traditional banks simply can’t address.

Your Home Loan services include: No JUNK FEES.. No Underwriting fee No Processing Fee No Document Preparation Fees or FedEx Fees Average Savings of $1195-$1795 over other Mortgage provides. We evolve based on what you need.
First Tech listen with open minds and they do their best to walk in your shoes.